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A/S Latvijas Maiznieks receives the BRC AA+ level certificate - the highest rating in the food industry

A/S Latvijas Maiznieks receives the BRC AA+ level certificate - the highest rating in the food industry

Thanks to investments and persistent work for quality assurance, A/S Latvijas Maiznieks, the leading bread producer in Latvia, has received an internationally recognized food safety standard AA+ level certificate from the British Retail Consortium (BRC), which is the highest assessment in the food industry.

Latvijas Maiznieks is the only recipient of the BRC AA+ level certificate in the bread and pastry industry in Latvia, setting a new standard of excellence in the Baltic States. This achievement confirms the company's commitment to the strictest global food safety and quality management standards, ensuring the highest quality products.

A/S Latvijas Maiznieks Board member Māris Daude: "We are pleased that, thanks to the work invested, A/S Latvijas Maiznieks is the only manufacturer of bread and pastry products in Latvia that has obtained the prestigious BRC AA+ level certificate. Over the past 3 years, the factory and production process, we have invested more than EUR 13 million in development. This achievement once again confirms our commitment to excellence and highlights us as a leader in the industry. Already now A/S Latvijas Maiznieks is the largest exporter of bread in Latvia - in 2023, compared to 2022, exports have grown by 25%. Therefore, one of our strategies is to continue developing exports and introducing products made in Latvia to the international market, such as REAL rye bread."

The BRC certificate is one of the most prestigious and strictly regulated food quality management standards in the world. It offers companies extensive export opportunities to more than 100 countries. With the AA+ level certificate, A/S Latvijas Maiznieks will continue to expand its presence in international markets. Thanks to the strict standards set by the BRC, the company anticipates an increase in exports to more than 10 countries, strengthening its leadership position in the bread production industry. Currently, A/S Latvijas Maiznieks exports its products to Lithuania, Estonia, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Germany, the USA, Ireland, Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Bulgaria.

A/S Latvijas Maiznieks is proud of its contribution to the Latvian economy - we have been the largest taxpayer in the Latgale region for nine years. All bread products are produced in Latvia, and the product packages are marked "made in Latvia." In addition, A/S Latvijas Maiznieks has been recognized as the best employer in the Latgale region for nine years in a row, further highlighting its importance for the development of the region and the workplace with already more than 400 employees.