Biggest Tax Payer of 2014 in Latgale region– AS LATVIJAS MAIZNIEKS

In April 30th, during a ceremonial State Revenue Service (SRS) Biggest Tax Payer award ceremony Jānis Reirs, the Minister of Finances, Ināra Pētersone, General Director of SRS, and deputies of SRS General Director issued artist designed prizes and diplomas to the biggest tax payers of 2014 in fourteen nominations.
AS Latvijas Maiznieks received an award as the biggest tax payer in Latgale region.

The biggest tax payers of 2014 received special awards designed and made for this event by the artist Ieva Strazdiņa. The visual solution of the awards was associatively designed as a cell from a beehive. The form of a honey cell was chosen as a symbol characterized by the definition of order and the everlasting diligence of their makers, the bees, as well as awareness how important everyone’s contribution is to the existence of a beehive and a bee swarm. It symbolizes the idea of a country whose basis, sustainability and common wealth is ensured profit gained as a result of successful and responsible entrepreneurship and honestly done payments into the state budget. The biggest tax payers were celebrated for the eighteenth year. The ceremonial event took place in the administrative building of SRS (VID) in Talejas iela 1, Riga.

We are proud and honoured for the received title!