Latest products for sweet-aholics

This time the latest innovation of LATVIJAS MAIZNIEKS will gladden the sweet-aholics.
We are proud to announce the novelty of the “Rulē!” series – a roulette with cherries and ricotta (400g), based on a dark biscuit. This roulette is available from 14 September. The new “Rulē!” combining a cacao-biscuit, cherries and the sweet ricotta cheese will become a special treat for sweet-sour pastry lovers.
A while ago the shelves in stores were filled with the white bread with raisins known as “Saldā pine” (“Sweet plait”) – a sweet loaf recalling the taste of childhood. This delicious snack is made from wheat flour, then baked until the crust turns light brown and finally sprinkled generously with sweet, sugared crumbs.
Furthermore, we also have innovations in the mix of frozen products, which is especially popular among the hasty and busy sweet-aholics.
There three flavours:
-      rolls with apple-toffee filling;
-      cottage cheese rolls;
-      patties with sausage and mustard-cucumber filling;
are now joined by Apple bread rolls, made from a crisp and puff pastry and enriched by a juicy, sweet-sour apple puree filling and cinnamon.