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"Latvijas Graudu" bread with seeds was recognized as the best new product in Latvia in 2019

"Latvijas Graudu" bread with seeds was recognized as the best new product in Latvia in 2019

 The first two places in the annual award "The Best Newly Introduced Product 2019" organized by the international market and consumer research company Nielsen have been won by LATVIJAS MAIZNIEKS new brand "Latvijas Graudu" bread. The first place was won by "Latvijas Graudu bread with seeds", while the second place was given to "Latvijas Graudu rye bread". The company has invested 25,000 euros in creating a new brand.

"Latvijas Graudu bread with seeds" also won the nomination "Best New Product 2019" in the Bakery Group in Latvia.

The new brand “Latvijas Graudu” bread reached the end of summer 2019 in stores. The new product series includes seven different types of bread, of which “Latvian New Bread Seed” won the laurels as “Best Newly Introduced Product 2019”, which was also recognized as the best new product in the Bakery category.

In the short time since the brand entered the market, it has gained its place on store shelves and in consumer choice. One of the main reasons for choosing is the high quality of the ingredients and low sugar content. Fermented grains and seeds significantly increase the nutritional value of "Latvijas Graudu" bread products, to which people pay more and more attention. The high content of fiber, seeds and protein helps maintain energy levels throughout the day, and the choice of different flavors allows everyone to find their favorite.

When developing the "Latvijas Graudu" bread series, we paid special attention to the quality and nutritional value of bread. The added seeds and sprouted grains during the fermentation process give the bread a pleasant sweetness and therefore no or little sugar is added to it. As a result, bread is much healthier. At the moment, when an emergency situation has been declared in the country, we see that the consumption of bread is increasing and especially for “Latvijas Graudu” brand breads, ”says Māris Daude, Member of the Board of LATVIJAS MAIZNIEKS.

"Best New Product 2019" is not the only award for "Latvijas Graudu" bread brand. Last year, a campaign was created - “Latvian Grain Bread. With a village bribe to their own ”, where famous people in Latvia went to visit people to invite their long-unseen relatives and friends. This campaign won 2nd place in the Baltic Communication Awards 2019 competition.

In previous years, the company has also managed to introduce new and recognized products. In 2018, the most successful new product was the "Maiziņš" series of portion bread. A year earlier, "Greek yogurt bread" also earned recognition.


About the Nielsen study
Each year, Nielsen analyzes and evaluates 18 groups of the most important categories of food and household goods, from milk to fabric softeners. In the first stage, the three most requested new products in each category are selected. In the second stage, buyers identify the products that are most in line with trends - whether the product has been noticed, purchased, evaluated and re-purchased. The product that wins the year is determined by an index based on objective turnover data, as well as individual customer ratings. The Nielsen competition for the "Best New Product" has been held since 2008.