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Salty and sweet RYE Bread

"Maiziņš" rye buns
AvocadoPeanut butter
Slow stewed chicken filletLarge blueberries
Tomato pestoCinnamon
Low Calorie Philadelphia Cheese (Light)

After a hearty meal, there is always room for dessert! The singer and TV face Markus Riva is also convinced of this, who has thought about a quick and hearty meal - so delicious that you will not want to share it with anyone!

Preparation 1 half

1. Spread Philadelphia cheese and pesto on one half of Maiziņš;

2. Place finely chopped avocado slices on top;

3. Serve pairs of chicken fillets;

4. Decorate with sprouts or greens.

Preparation 2 halves

1. Spread peanut butter on one half of Maiziņš;

2. Arrange fresh large blueberries on top;

3. Add cinnamon to taste.